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Nico Collard accidentally stumbles across an ancient artifact...



Quaddro 2 - Intelligent Puzzle icon
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Quaddro 2 - Intelligent ...

Quaddro 2 is a fun game that improves your concentration and logic skills. It brings 80 levels carefully crafted by our team with progressive difficulty levels. GamePlay: Its gameplay is quite simple: you move the dots freely until you form a square with 4 or 9 dots; You can move as many dots you’d want at same time, that will look much like dragging snake across the level; The dots can be varied in up to 3 colors: red, green and blue but squares will only be formed by dots with the same color. Features: The levels pack many types of modifiers what will make you think outside the box: • Movable platforms: Changes the layout of the level by moving pieces of the board vertically or horizontally. • Turn Modifier: Rotate boards and it’s contents in 90 or 180 degrees; • Mirror Modifier: Swap platforms places • Wall Modifier: Blocks the access to certain parts of the level until you make an specific action. • Timer Modifier: Better think fast, the level layout will change every time the timer runs out. Keywords: Thinkfast, logic skills , snake puzzle


Conversations (Jabber / XMPP) icon
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Conversations (Jabber / XMPP)

A free and open source Jabber/XMPP client for Android. Easy to use, reliable, battery friendly. With built-in support for images, group chats and e2e encryption. Design principles • Be as beautiful and easy to use as possible without sacrificing security or privacy • Rely on existing, well established protocols • Do not require a Google Account or specifically Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) • Require as little permissions as possible Features • End-to-end encryption with either OMEMO or OpenPGP • Sending and receiving images • Intuitive UI that follows Android Design guidelines • Pictures / Avatars for your Contacts • Syncs with desktop client • Conferences (with support for bookmarks) • Address book integration • Multiple Accounts / unified inbox • Very low impact on battery life Conversations makes it very easy to create an account on the server. Using that server comes with an annual fee of 8 Euro after a 6 month trial period. However Conversations will work with any other XMPP server as well. A lot of XMPP servers are run by volunteers and are free of charge. XMPP Features Conversations works with every XMPP server out there. However XMPP is an extensible protocol. These extensions are standardized as well in so called XEP’s. Conversations supports a couple of those to make the overall user experience better. There is a chance that your current XMPP server does not support these extensions. Therefore to get the most out of Conversations you should consider either switching to an XMPP server that does or - even better - run your own XMPP server for you and your friends. These XEPs are - as of now: • XEP-0065: SOCKS5 Bytestreams (or mod_proxy65). Will be used to transfer files if both parties are behind a firewall (NAT). • XEP-0163: Personal Eventing Protocol for avatars • XEP-0191: Blocking command lets you blacklist spammers or block contacts without removing them from your roster. • XEP-0198: Stream Management allows XMPP to survive small network outages and changes of the underlying TCP connection. • XEP-0280: Message Carbons which automatically syncs the messages you send to your desktop client and thus allows you to switch seamlessly from your mobile client to your desktop client and back within one conversation. • XEP-0237: Roster Versioning mainly to save bandwidth on poor mobile connections • XEP-0313: Message Archive Management synchronize message history with the server. Catch up with messages that were sent while Conversations was offline. • XEP-0352: Client State Indication lets the server know whether or not Conversations is in the background. Allows the server to save bandwidth by withholding unimportant packages. • XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload allows you to share files in conferences and with offline contacts. Requires an additional component on your server.


Mental Hospital III icon
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Mental Hospital III

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best horror 2014 years, according to many gamers 4Pda. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survival horror with astonishing graphics and a really frightening atmosphere. Our story started quite ordinary. The main character got an offer to record a video of a special forces raid in one of the psychiatric hospitals where secret experiments were supposed to be carried out. Sounds easy enough… That was what he thought. But he will forever remember that night. The night everything went wrong from the very beginning: Horrible weather, problems on the news, and the car breaking down appeared to be inevitable, as was missing the start of the clinic capture operation. Having arrived at his destination late, the main character decides to find Lieutenant Sidorov as soon as possible, hoping to film at least something. After the main character gets inside of the hospital and is introduced to it's inhabitants he understands that it will be nearly impossible to describe what he saw there. You can of course erase the footage, but there is no option to erase your memories. This is reality. Will the main character emerge from this fateful hospital alive, or will he too, like it's residents, be trapped here for the remainder of his life.

Role Playing

Mystery of Fortune 2 icon
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Mystery of Fortune 2

Mystery of Fortune 2 is the eighth episode of Fortune Chronicle Episodes. This is the official sequel of SRPG Mystery of Fortune(2014). Explore dungeons with your own army and try to make the most efficient corps. You must charge your phone while playing! ★Features 1. 25 available units and over 35 monsters. 2. Battle macro system that helps battles. 3. Changing class system lets you acquire various skills and strategies. 4. More gears and items to equip and collect. 5. Total 85 dungeons in 14 states to explore. ★Rules of the game 1. Every battle are conducted automatically. The Player gat set up strategies and level up units for the battle, before the battles starts. 2. You need to set up a fighting AI called battle macro to units before the battle starts. For example, you could set up the best strategy for battles by assembling condition and run sentence like - “Use skill when encounters enemy in close range” and “Heal yourself when you lost 50% HP”. 3. In the Pub you visit before you enter the dungeon, you can get some hints for your strategy, hire new units, purchase items and battle macro to prepare for the next battle. 4. Once the battle starts, the Player spectates the battle. You can use items to heal your units or fill Ether when you need. 5. When your units clear enemies in the current wave, they automatically proceed to the next wave. If you lost every unit in the battle, exploration ends. 6. When the exploration ends, you receive gold and items that you can use to upgrade your units. ★ How to use Google cloud-saving ★ Caution: Google cloud-saving overwrite data to your phone, so your existing data might be deleted. Using when you transfer data after changing device only is recommended. ★ If your data is deleted during using cloud-saving, it cannot be recovered. Please pay close attention. ★ If you want to use Google cloud-saving, you should be logging in Google account first. 1. Click ‘Google Play’ button (green game pad icon) on your existing cell phone (or tablet). 2. Sync saved data by clicking “Save Data” button. Don’t close application or break the internet connection. Data might be lost. Provided that the process is stuck at 0% too much time, close application and restart. 3. Click ‘Google Play’ button on your changed cell phone (or tablet). 4. Click “Load Data” button and sync saved data from servers. Don’t close application or break the internet connection as same above. 5. When you start app, previous saved data would be loaded. Now you can play the game. Please sync saved data by clicking “Save Data” button to keep losing your data. Please use “Load Data” when you newly change your cell phone or lose saved data only. ★This app support tablet mode.


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*This is not standalone app! You need a compatible launcher (read bellow) to use this app! If your launcher is not mentioned in this description don't even think to purchase! Or simply install compatible launcher eg. Nova, Apex to apply FUNKONG* *If you are a big fans of large number iconpack, please take good care that Funkong is quite different with other iconpack in whole Playstore. Although it consists of only 900s icons, this is equivalent with thousands work hours regular iconpack. Please don't give me bad rating due to this reason." Compatible stock launchers: LG Home (Marshmallow and earlier), Sony Xperia, Asus Zen UI. Not supported stock launchers: Samsung Touchwiz, LG Home Nougat, HTC, Google Now, and most of Chinese/Mediatek About Icon Masking (more list will come): 1. Work perfect on: Nova, Apex, Solo, Zen UI, ADW. 2. Limited, only applied 1 kind, instead (originally) 9 ones: Evie, Lucid, Aviate, Nougat, Smart. 3. Doesn't work at all: GO, Zero, ABC, Mini, M, V, Next launcher--> disable "Icon Base" to easily fix it on launcher setting. About icon request: 1. It's hard worked icons. Update or icon addition might be a bit longer or fewer to maintain quality of the goods. 2. Join my G+ community for faster request (read community description before requesting), better you write down the best reason why is your request deserve to be done. 3. I recommend you to request app with at least 5M (free) or 1 M (paid) download. Because for now I give priority to draw app with those numbers. Features: 1. 1050+ icons. If you're fans of big size number, please don't make bad review, however it's similar to thousands 'regular' icons work hours. 2. 40+ HD wallpapers 3. Support 29++ launchers 4. Hand made vector graphic 5. See & Search all icons 6. Smart Icon Request 7. Support Muzei 8. Weather set for ZOOPER and KWGT, you can download here Download weather set for ZOOPER and KWGT using funkong style here Note: 1. GO, Zero, Next, etc launcher doesn't support Icon Masking, so go to preferences > Icons > TICK OFF "show icon base". 2. Next Launcher supports icon upon but only system apps but manual apply will change the rest 3. TSF Shell support may remain unstable. If you're not sure please DO NOT PURCHASE! 3. Downloaded wallpaper. Find them on /Pictures/FunKong/wallpaper/HERE 4. LG Home may working unstable for some device. If you're not sure DON'T PURCHASE! No refund for this reason! 5. Smart Launcher, apply the icons via Funkong dashboard, DO NOT APPLY VIA LAUNCHER PREFERENCE! 6. THERE SO A LOT LOT OF ICON REQUESTS! IF YOU WANT YOUR REQUEST GET PRIORITIZED ALSO WRITE THEM TO MY COMMUNITY WALL, JOIN HERE, otherwise I'll pick randomly for next themed icons. *Support launchers: Direct Apply: L, Lucid, GO, Next, Apex, Action Pro, Nova, ADW, Holo, Holo HD, Aviate, Smart (read issue for this launcher below), Mini, KK, Solo, Epic, Inspire, Nine, Atom, Nemus, S, LG Home (read issue for this launcher below), CM Theme Engine Apply via launcher/theme setting: Xperia Home, EverythingMe, Arrow Launcher, Themer, Hola, Launchy Widget, Trebuchet, Unicon, and may be more that have icon pack support Thanks to 1. Dani Mahardika to the awesome dashboard, find his work here 2. Yoga Perdana since his works is the main source of the idea, find him here 3. Screenshot of homescreen by Rifqi Al-Fariz


Unlock With WiFi icon
$ 4.99 Free!

Unlock With WiFi

Unlock With WiFi is now free! Thank you to all my customers who have supported me over the years. I no longer have time to support this app, so I made it free for everyone. Enjoy! ANNOUNCEMENT: This app has a successor named SkipLock. It is similar to Unlock With WiFi, but with some major new features. For a full explanation of why SkipLock was created, see this blog post: Tired of entering your password every time you turn on your phone? Unlock With WiFi™ unlocks your phone when you're connected to your home WiFi network. When you're at home, or work, you don't need to worry about losing your phone, so why should you have to enter your password? Unlock With WiFi is the leading password convenience app on the market. It's focus is on reliability, quality, and a great user experience. The setup wizard makes it easy to setup, and helpful dialogs are displayed if something isn't quite right. How it works: When you get home and connect to your WiFi network, your device will unlock. Then when you leave, and the WiFi disconnects, the device will lock again. You have to enter your password the first time after you connect to your WiFi network. This is so that if someone steals or finds your phone, they can't just bring it to your house to unlock it. After you enter your password once while connected to your WiFi network, you won't have to enter it again until you leave/disconnect. This is great for SMS texting! Additional Features: You can also set a lock delay, for when you're not at home. The default delay is set to 5 seconds (you can adjust it), so when you turn the screen off, the device won't lock until 5 seconds have passed. That way, if you remember something you forgot to do, you can turn it back on without entering your password. This feature is considered experimental at this time. It works on most devices, but isn't guaranteed to work on all devices. There are also battery saving options to: Turn off WiFi when you leave home Turn on Bluetooth when you leave home Turn off Bluetooth when you get home Turn off Auto Sync when you leave home Turn on Auto Sync when you get home WidgetLocker integration IMPORTANT: To uninstall this app, you must select Uninstall from the menu inside the app. The normal way won't work if device admin mode is enabled. WARNING: This app doesn't work on some phones. Please read this description carefully, and the FAQ. Known Limitations: Does not work with Android Pay, according to user reports Does not work on Android 5+. However, Android 5.0 has much of SkipLock's functionality built in now. The app is not compatible with Motorola Skip or Dots. Do not install this app on the SD card. It will not be secure if you do. It won't work on phones that have full device encryption enabled. It won't work if your employer enforces a password policy on your phone. Only PINs and passwords can be used in Android 4.0 and above. Patterns and face unlock are not supported. Unlock With WiFi is incompatible with some antivirus and battery saver apps. See the FAQ for details. Make sure to exclude Unlock With WiFi from your task killer apps, or it won't work properly. See the FAQ for more details Tech support is only available in English. By downloading this software, you are agreeing to the End User License Agreement, which can be read here: This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This is necessary to lock/unlock the device.


My Beach HD icon
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My Beach HD

My Beach HD is an Editor's Choice on Google Play! Now with custom signs, custom airplane banners, automatic time of day based on location, Sunset, Dawn, Morning, Evening, Night time, fireworks, and more! From the creators of your favorite live wallpapers, spend a relaxing summer day at your own private beach - everytime you use your device. Relax in the shade while waves froth at the shore of your very own stretch of secluded beach. Clouds float past a quaint lighthouse in the distance, and a boat gently rocks in the shallows. An airplane with your message drifts through the idylic scene. Choose the sign message on the beach, or hide the sign altogether - it's all up to you! Watch closely, and you may even see a shark! Customize every part of the scene, including the waves, sharks, aircraft, signs, umbrella, and more - thousands of possible combinations! You can also hide or show the items in the scene to create your own beach. Or, select one of the preset themes and choose from the 'Private Beach', 'Fireworks at Night', 'Family Outing', 'Independence Day', or 'Shark Sighting' themes. This wallpaper is true 3D with hand-crafted artwork. Our wallpapers feature silky-smooth animations while conserving your battery life. Works great with phones, tablets, or any device that supports live wallpapers. Awards and Praise for My Beach HD • Google Play Editor's Choice 2012 • Top HD Wallpaper Apps for Android - • Best Paid Live Wallpapers For Android Phones - • "My Beach HD is quite simply the very best live wallpaper we’ve come across so far." - • "My Beach HD by DualBoot Games puts classic beach scenery right onto your Android homescreen." - PERMISSIONS: Coarse location permissions are required in order to determine an approximate location for accurate sunrise / sunset times. Problems? Just email our support team with the model of your phone and a description of the problem.

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Devil Twins: VIP icon
$ 0.99 Free!

Devil Twins: VIP

Free version ▶ - VIP mode Effect - (1) Soul orb obtained +20% forever (2) Diamond obtained +50 in labor (150 → 200) (3) Admission obtained +5 in PVP duel (5 → 10) Destroy everything in Makai! Hell Armpit Warrior! [HellBoy]! "If I comes sleepiness, then you'll come to death." Hell Yawn Wizard! [YawnGirl]! 's Infinite Makai conquest story! - Google play Featured Games! - - Game Features - (1) Infinite Killing action RPG! that it can be enjoyed only by a simple touch! (2) Automatic combat and high hitting feeling skills! (3) Exhilarating battle with the time limit boss monsters! (4) Always become stronger hero of infinite evolution and power-ups! (5) Faster than anyone! Makai conquest ranking system! (6) Summon demons and collecting! (7) Who is the strongest in whole world! World Boss dungeon with all the allies! - Please a good rating and Google + 1 for us! xD - Please Introduction to friends! xD - Facebook page: https: // - social community:


Need for Speed™ Most Wanted icon
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Need for Speed™ Most ...

“The graphics are absolutely awesome” ( “It pushes the mobile platform to its utmost limits and doesn’t even break a sweat” (Capsule Computers) Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight; you’re in for the ride of your life. Outrun cops, outsmart rivals – and outdrive your friends – in the most dangerous Need for Speed yet. Do you dare to be the Most Wanted? **Need for Speed Most Wanted is an immersive, high-quality game. Please note that it requires a 550MB+ download and roughly 1,900MB+ free space on your device. To speed things up, we recommend connecting to WiFi.** MAKE TROUBLE, GET WANTED Evade a relentless police force while you clash with street racers. Race and chase hot cars like the SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and many more. Feel the intensity of no-brakes-allowed street racing with realistic full-car damage for the first time on mobile. LEAVE YOUR MARK Log into Origin to check the Wanted List and find out who is the Most Wanted across platforms and among your friends. Then, challenge your friends and prove your racing skills in nonstop competition. GO FROM ZERO TO MOST WANTED… • Drive and customize over 40 of the world’s most exciting cars • Race the way you want! By popular demand, you can now touch or tilt to steer • Use Mods to enhance your car and get ahead of the pack in style • Experience the action with mind-blowing graphics and intense full-car damage • Earn Speed Points to unlock new cars • Trick out your phone with an exclusive Most Wanted live wallpaper Your rivals will do everything they can to stop you from getting to the top – but in this world, there can only be one Most Wanted. Be the first to know! Get inside EA info on great deals, plus the latest game updates, tips & more… VISIT US: FOLLOW US: LIKE US: WATCH US: User Agreement: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on Important Consumer Information. This app: Contains direct links to the Internet; Collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement.


Mobile Observatory - Astronomy icon
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Mobile Observatory - Astronomy

Mobile Observatory is the perfect tool for anybody interested in the sky's wonders, from the occasional sky gazer to the passionate amateur astronomer. *** SOLAR ECLIPSE on August 21, 2017 in the US *** *** This app tells you your local eclipse conditions *** Do you want to know if the next lunar eclipse is visible from your location or when the next bright comet is visible? Would you like to be notified by your smart phone next time, Jupiter and the Moon meet in the sky? Do you want to know what the blazing bright object in the evening sky is? Do you want to be always up-to-date which celestial events that are visible from your location? Then this app is a must-have for you! Mobile Observatory does not only include a live, zoomable sky map which tells you what sky object you are looking at but provides you with loads of detailed extra information on stars, planets, deep sky objects, meteor showers, comets, asteroids, lunar and solar eclipses as well as detailed ephemeris of all included sky objects and an interactive top-down view of the Solar System. All that in just one app! Main Features - Zoomable sky map showing stars, planets, asteroids, and more (above and below the horizon) - Interactive top-down view of the Solar System - Live mode (point device on sky and get information on what you see) - Calendar showing detailed descriptions of celestial events - Push celestial events to your phone's calendar and set a reminder alarm - Rise, set, and transit times for any object - Position of any object in the sky (altitude and direction) - Twilight times, length of day - Bright Star Catalog (~9000 stars) with detailed information - More than 400 000 additional stars from the PPM Star Catalog (Android 3.1 or higher required) - 2500 selected NGC objects (galaxies, clusters, ...) - Messier Catalog (110 objects) complete with images - Caldwell Catalog (110 objects) complete with images - Hidden Treasures Catalog (109 objects) complete with images - Meteor streams (begin, maximum, hourly rate, ...) - Lunar and solar eclipses information - Lunar librations, ascending node, maximum declination - Bright comets (automatically selected according to the date) - Dwarf planets: The five known dwarf planets - Minor planets: bright, near Earth, trans-Neptune (more than 10000 in the database) - Update database online: download up-to-date orbital elements of comets and minor planets - Moon phases, the apparent view of the sun and planets - Current image of the Sun and sunspot number - Automatically generated visibility report for any object - Simulation of light pollution - Intuitive User Interface: quickly find what you are looking for - Widget with rise & set times of the Sun and Moon - Maintain your favorite locations in a list - Automatic location determination from the mobile network or GPS - Select a location from a built-in database or online via Google Maps - 400 observatory locations - Choose any time and date - Detailed ephemeris, visibility information of all objects - Dates of conjunctions between any object with planets or the Moon - 3D-view of the Moon and the planets - Accurate calculations for dates between 1900 and 2100


Lost Journey (Dreamsky) icon
$ 0.99 Free!

Lost Journey (Dreamsky)

Dreamsky Games, Just be Happy! "Lost Journey" is a puzzle game of space exploration, we have received: "2015 IndiePlay Best Mobile Game" nomination "2014 Imagine Cup" award in China "2014's most anticipated ID @ Xbox game" On a Journey… Lost, but not without Hope An angel of heaven comes to Jennifer in the form of a butterfly. This plane of existence mirrors the serene world she left behind, but there are secrets – memories – hidden here. As Jennifer collects the shards of her memories, she confronts many trials, but the happy memories and her strength of spirit solidify her resolve, spurring her onward. With her guide at her side, Jennifer sifts through time and space, reverses gravity, and does the otherwise impossible to find her happiness and her way back to heaven. Jennifer will uncover the truth; she will reach the end of her Lost Journey. The serene music and uplifting backgrounds in Lost Journey convey hope and beauty even in the journey after death. Through Jennifer, players realize that their own strength of spirit will carry them through their own trials in life, and ultimately allow them to reach the end of any Lost Journey. 【Game Features】 - Nomination of Best China IndiePlay Game -Colorful, soulful artwork draws players into the story and journey. -Players can literally ‘flip’ the scene to expose new paths and opportunities. -Reverse Gravity, Bend Time, Manipulate Space… this reality is not as straightforward as it appears! -Music nicely compliments the Asian setting and relaxed feel of the game. 【Follow Us on 】 Facebook: Youtube: Visit our Official site:

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Everybody's RPG icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99

Everybody's RPG

* This game needs an internet connection to use the network to save and read the game data. Everybody's RPG open! If you install now, a lot of jewels and gold is given!! High-quality dot graphic that brings back old memories! Heroes with various jobs are prepared. # Combining various jobs, which is the characteristic fun of an RPG game! # Enjoy the fun of becoming stronger after reincarnating every time! # The fun of farming powerful items and reinforcing! # Various character graphics full of personality! # Invade the dungeon and create powerful relics! # Have PvP battles with people all around the world!


Reporter icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99


Is Your mind is hungry for tricky puzzles and nerves are suffering without ticklish situations? This action-horror "Reporter" from "AGaming+" will shake you to the core! Turn off the light and get your earphones! Be attentive, because it’s the only thing that can help you to get out from the paws of horror that is happening here. All the story started in a small town. Once on a wonderful day, the town was shocked by series of horrible kills under terrifying and inexplicable circumstances. Police have tried to hide the facts, but some information leaked and was published by local press. Trying to understand what has happened there, you start your search for the truth. But suddenly, you become the part of the story that you'll remember till the end of your life. It all depends on you, will you unravel this plexus of horror and chaos and survive? Warning: for perfect experience and correct game functioning 1GB of RAM is required.


Learn French with MosaLingua icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 4.99

Learn French with MosaLingua

★ Learn French in no time! MosaLingua's effective and addictive teaching method will help you memorize loads of vocabulary, french words, key phrases and conjugations in record time. ★ By using the dialogue exercises, you'll be able to learn French and improve both your French comprehension and your speaking skills at the same time. MosaLingua Learn French was designed by a professor (based in France) and 2 developers who actually use MosaLingua on a daily basis. With MosaLingua Learn French, you'll learn 20% of french words that will apply 80% of the time. Afterwards you can choose an area of focus that is relevant for you (travel, sports, business, technology...). Spending just 5 minutes per day for two months will allow you to memorize 600 french words and key phrases! Whether you are starting French from scratch or you already know the basics of French Vocabulary, MosaLingua Learn French is adapted to suit your language needs. It's like having your own private tutor in your pocket! Whether your motivation for learning French is for school (diploma, class, course, DELF, SAT, GCSE), vacation, business purposes or simply for the joy of learning, MosaLingua will have you speaking French in no time. MOSALINGUA LEARN FRENCH CONSISTS OF: - 3000+ flash cards of French vocabulary and phrases, including audio pronunciations by native speakers - 14 diverse categories (e.g. Accommodation, transportation, shopping, tourism, France, social, emergencies...) - More than 100 sub-categories (e.g. At the restaurant, at the hotel, buying and negotiating, sports, partying, flirting...) - Up to 10 levels to complete, from the basics to more specialized French vocabulary - 17 dialogues presenting common situations that come up on vacation (or when traveling) - Study lessons and language tips that will aid your progression - More than 100 bonus materials to unlock as you progress - Online dictionnary - Possibility to create your own cards LEARN THE ESSENTIAL 20% THAT WILL TAKE YOU 80% OF THE WAY: - Learn the most useful/most used vocab (and the most simple) first - Learn only the most useful phrases for your studies, for your travel, or for French SAT or GCSE HIGHLY EFFICIENT AND PROVEN LEARNING METHOD: MosaLingua Learn French uses the Spaced Repetition System (SRS), the product of several years of scientific research: - Calculates review dates for the flash cards according to how difficult you find each one, to encourage efficient and long term memorization - Spend time learning what you find useful, not what you already know! - MosaLingua constantly adapts to your needs and pace (like a private teacher) - Use both audio and visual memory - Sustained learning (long-term memory) LEARN FRENCH ON THE GO - You get to decide how long each lesson will be (it doesn't matter whether you have only 2 minutes or more than 30 minutes to spend) - Automatically adapts to your needs and pace - You can stop a lesson and then pick up where you left off whenever you want - You don't need an internet connection, all the French lesson and content are available OFFLINE FUN AND ADDICTIVE - Unlock bonuses as you progress (dialogues, jokes, fun facts about France, sayings, tips) - Learn from dialogues based on realistic situations that you may encounter on vacation in France - You'll be amazed at how quickly you will learn new French words and how addictive it becomes - the App keeps track of your progress giving you the motivation you need to succeed Try MosaLingua, the best way to study French. We're positive you won't regret the download! If you have a suggestion or need assistance, please click on the customer support link or you are guaranteed a reply! Note: All the content listed in this description is already included in the application at no extra cost (in-app purchases are available should you wish to purchase optional content).


Linia icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 1.99


Linia is a colorful puzzle game that mixes a relaxing atmosphere with brain melting challenges. In Linia, you create color sequences by tracing a line connecting coloured shapes. Sounds easy enough, right? Not quite. Imagine when colors are running around, revolving, hiding, changing shape and doing everything they can to avoid being caught by your line. It will take skill and sense of rhythm to get the sequence right. Are you up for the challenge? FEATURES - Original puzzle gameplay - More than 80 unique and colorful puzzle levels and... - levels released with future updates - Game progress saved to the cloud - Achievements! - A little surprise if you complete all levels


13 DAYS OF LIFE icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99


After leaving his hometown to live alone, after the death of his parents, Mark moved into a small town named Sullen Town, where his only desire, is to start a new life...

Role Playing

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 icon
EXPIRED $ 0.99 $ 4.49

Knights of Pen & ...

"This is Role-Playing in its purest form." -- Kotaku-US ""An indie turn-based retro style pixel-art RPG." I love every single one of those adjectives." -- IGN "It’s clever, charming, customizable, and virtually infinitely replayable." -- 148 apps Set out on a grand adventure in this turn-based, retro style, pixel-art RPG, inspired by the great titles of the 90's. This +1 edition features an extended campaign, more dungeons to explore, new attacks to use in combat, and the Tavern – a place to store your adventurers. Take on the roles of in-game players taking on the roles of their characters in a traditional pen and paper RPG session in the ultimate meta roleplaying experience. As both the playing characters AND the dungeon master, players can choose which battles to fight. Put together a bunch of monsters to make for a challenging fight and your efforts will be equally rewarded! Choose from multiple classes, such as knights and mages, pick your characters to control those classes, like grandma or kid brother, and take on the loads of quests, monsters, items and equipment littered throughout Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition. Blacksmiths, enchanters, mining, gathering, hidden treasures and a whole lot more await, giving players a lot of room to personalize their gameplay experience. Don’t wait any longer, the Pen & Paper world needs you! KEY FEATURES: • The ultimate pen and paper RPG simulation experience • Put together your own role-playing group complete with the game master, the role-players and their respective classes • Fight and explore your way through a perilous fantasy world to defeat the dark mage • Level up and get your hands on more gold to unlock epic items and gear for your party • As the game master, you can set up the fights yourself and choose how many monsters to battle The +1 Edition includes these all new features: • New dungeons to explore with monsters, traps, treasures, and powerful bosses • The Tavern, a place to stash heroes and switch out party members • More options for characters to implement during battles, adding more depth and variation to fights • Extended campaign filled with lots of new content


Cartoon City 2 PRO icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99

Cartoon City 2 PRO

Build your city township - build houses, decorations, decorate the streets. Grow wheat and corn, cow and chicken on village farm near city township. Build a dream city - only on your decision depends on what your city will be! The most really beautiful and comfortable city builder. Build a city from township, roads and sidewalks, plant flowers, grow your city to township and megapolis. Organize playground for your citizens, make friends and residents happy. At your disposal dozens of scenery, cafes, restaurants, villas and homes. Take the train to send goods to the neighboring city. Hundreds of fun quests and a personal festival waits you in your town :) Become the mayor of most pleasant city in the world. Select the path in which your city will grow. Become a true patriot of your city, evolve your city to township and megapolis.


iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla icon
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iPray: Prayer Times & ...

iPray offers a beautifully hand-crafted interface with both Prayer Times and Qibla compass displayed on the same screen - no switching between screens and strictly No Ads, No Spam and No Hidden Costs. iPray gives you accurate timings and azan alerts no matter where you are in the world and "just works" out of the box with zero-configuration required. OFFLINE PRAYER TIMES (أوقات الصلاة) • No network connection required, prayer times are calculated offline • Islamic prayer times for any location round the world • An easy to read display with heads-up information about the current prayer in focus (either the currently active prayer or the next one in case it's starting soon). Prayers included are: Fajr, Sunrise / Salat al Doha, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha and Qiyam • Color coded display to show the progress of the current prayer. Severity begins with yellow, orange, red and bright red, indicating the current prayer is about to depart, so pray if you haven't already prayed. SMART NOTIFICATIONS • Smart status bar notification that not only show you what's most important (current prayer's elapsed time, or upcoming prayer's count down), but also smartly gets demoted during the day so it's out of your way and promoted when a prayer is 30 minutes away. Your lock screen will automatically show you the next prayer information if it's within 30 minutes. • Optional 15 minutes reminders to remind you with a gentle 'knock knock' sound that the prayer is about to begin. • Easy toggling of alerts from the main screen. Tap-hold to see more options. MONTHLY TIMETABLE • Simply rotate your device to view monthly timings; also accessible from the main menu. • Hijri date and prayer timings for all the prayers (including Qiyam) • Scroll down to automatically see timings for the following month. QIBLA COMPASS (القبلة) • A simple to use compass that's always on. The moment you launch iPray, the compass is ready, eager to show you the way. • Full screen Qiblah locator mode with more information about the angle and distance to Mecca • An optional Map-compass is included in case your device does not support a built-in magnetometer (or you want visually verify it) IMMERSIVE ANIMATIONS • No matter what time you launch iPray, you'll always be greeted with a new scenery. • Eid celebrations, visible during Eid days. ISLAMIC EVENTS • Easily determine when the important events of the hijri calendar year are (هجري), including Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha WIDGETS • Although our Smart notification alert will serve the purpose of any widget, iPray comes bundled with various simplistic widgets to see prayer times on the desktop. • Widgets for daily prayer, current or next as well as a transparent widget • A widget that displays the full prayer times table for the day CONFIGURABLE • iPray lets you change every aspect of the calculation method used. • Adjust individual salat times with addition / subtraction of minutes in case you wish to match timings from your local masjid • Automatic time adjustments for locations at high latitudes (UK, Denmark, Canada etc) • Algorithm for Fajr and Isha detection can be configured to be: One Seventh, Angle Based, One Seventh Median and times based on Middle of the Night. • Switch between Sunrise and Salah-al-Doha • Includes status bar updates for all prayers, including Qiyam al layl (Tahajjad prayer) • Various Azans (أذان) and options for each namaz • Select custom Adhan (أذان) or any other Audio / MP3 file • Dua (Supplication) after Azan UNIVERSAL • Designed for both phones and tablets • Update to work on devices without Google Play Services Look no further, you've found the one and only prayer times app for muslims that does it all. Follow us: Twitter: @iPraySupport


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UX Experience S8 - ...

UX S8 is an icon pack inspired by official UX icons of Samsung Galaxy S8. The app is still in beta, new icons will be added soon. Follow the project! Features: • 340+ inspired icons • Galaxy S8 official cloud based wallpapers (QHD resolution) • XXHDPI icon 192x192 pixel • Dynamic calendar support • Support Muzei • icons divided into categories with the possibility to search • Help section with FAQs • Show/Hide launcher icon from app drawer • Icon request for send email to developer with missing icons Still in development, update will be available weekly! COMPATIBLE : • Nova Launcher • ADW EX • Action Launcher • Apex • Atom • Aviate • CM Theme Engine • Go Launcher • LG Home • Smart Launcher • Etc.


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League of Stickman: (Dreamsky)Warriors

Dreamsky Games: Just be Happy! The most exciting action game of the year – League of Stickman! Best-in-class combat features! Crush the enemy! Beat them all! Win the ultimate challenge! This is the game you just cannot miss – League of Stickman! Features: [Best Action Game of the Year] The most anticipated action game of 2016. You can experience the thrilling sensation with features like Double-Hits, Levitation and Deadly Combos! Come feel the heat and slay some monsters! [Heroes Joining Forces] More heroes unlocked and more heroes to team up with! Join forces with others to fight the Monster King BOSS! Choose your own team now and start fighting! [Best Visual Experience] High-quality graphics! Stunning special effects! League of Stickman present you the best gaming experience! [Simple & Smooth Operation] Freely switch between heroes and master their four different skills. You will have the best combat experience you ever had! [World Leaderboards] We offer world leaderboard, country leaderboard and friend leaderboard. Your team can compete with players around the world. Beat all others and be the Champion! Follow Us on Facebook: 페이스북: Instragam: leaguestickman Twitter: VK: Youtube: SUPPORT: Visit our Official site:


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Flip the Knife PvP ...

Flip knives as ninja, toss iron axes and throw rare perfect swords! Become the Guru Master and collect the set of legendary knives! GAME INFO Flip world famous knives in different locations, improve your skills! Very soon you will know how to flip axes without missing and make perfect hits on any standing or moving target! Become a Guru Master and get a cool collection of rare knives, iron axes, legendary swords and different famouse weapons! WHO ARE READY TO PLAY THIS GAME? Strong and confident lovers and appreciaters knives! Who want be on knife edge, take risks and hit the targets! Who really may pick up a knife and flip it right now! GAME FEATURES - Lots of blades with a cool design; - Real physics-based knives; - Different modes in one game; - Awesome graphics; - Many the most interesting quests; - No annoying ads; Download our game Flip the Knife PvP Challenge and remember: This game easy to play, but difficult become to master. Skill comes with experience!


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Simple Pro for Facebook ...

Welcome to the best way to connect to your favorite social networks. Simple Pro for Facebook includes access to Facebook and Facebook messages without the need to install either of Facebooks battery intensive apps. With Simple Pro for Facebook, it's simple to download videos from Facebook. You can also easily download images with a press of a button. Get notified of new Facebook notifications by setting up your sync interval in Simple's settings. Need access to Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Reddit*, Tumblr*, Telegram* or Pinterest*? Simple has you covered! Download Simple Pro for Facebook and feel the difference! *Reddit, Tumblr, Telegram, and Pinterest are coming soon. Simple Pro for Facebook is in no way associated with any of the services contained within the app. All logos, names, and trademarks are owned by their respective owners.

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CashKnight ( Gem Event ...

The Brand New Idle RPG!! Enjoyable and Addictive Cash Knightt!! Features : ** A SERIES OF THE NEWEST WEAPONS ** From the Stick, Sword of the Knight, Warrior's Spear, The mace and to The ax of the devil!! And...if you have some weapons you want to use then please send you idea by email. I'll do my best to update weapons^^ ** COSTUMES THAT YOU WANT TO WEAR FOREVER!! ** You have to try this costumes on if you want to know this feeling. So I preapared something for you. You check this out in Cash Knight~ ** VARIOUS COSTUMES!! MORE AMAZING AND POWERFUL SKILLS ** The skills are very various and amazing!! It's hard to explain in words. But the costumes can't make the hero invisible or laser man.^^;; ** THE SOUL WEAPON!! POWER-UP THE SOUL!! ** Beyond the normal idle RPG!! Power-up, combination and upgrade weapon!! Make your hero as the world’s greatest warrior on PVP with the legendary level of Soul Weapons. ** STRATEGIC PET SETUP ** Do you like pets that make you strong? Do you like pets that give you a lot of money? Do you like a strong pet? There are a lot of fun with choice. Create your own strategy with your unique pet setup. ** THE HONOR POINTS BETTER THAN GEMS!! ** You can be the honorary knight through rebirth. You can do very precious things with the Honor Point which you can get after becoming the honorary knight. The Honor Point is even incomparable with Gems. Get the Honor Point as many as you can!! ** THE HONORARY RINGS ONLY FOR THE HONORARY KNIGHT!! ** The first reason why you must get the Honor Point!! It makes me much stronger with the mysterious power!! It makes me rich with the mysterious power!! It makes my pets much powerful with the mysterious power!! And..there are more things with rings.. I strongly recommend you to equip Rings!! ** VARIETY CONTENTS !! ** A series of contents without rest like Soul Dungeon, Memory Dungeon, Infinite Dungeon, Boss Dungeon and PVP!! ** ADDICTIVE!! YOU CAN NOT NEVER STOP! ** You don't need to tap and control continuously but you can never stop! c** COMMUNICATION WITH USERS ** We'll do our best to make the game which is always with users~ Please like us (Facebook) : Please retweet us (Twitter) : Let's share tips!! (Facebook Group) : (Reddit) :

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Knots 3D

50% OFF SUMMER SALE! Tie, untie and rotate 85+ knots with your finger in 3D!


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Can You Escape - ...

The game is full of puzzles in a scary atmosphere. Can you escape this place, it will not be easy I assure you! Are you up for the challenge? An addictive and scary adventure game! We hope you will love it! Game features: - nice graphics - solve puzzles - find, combine and use items - find hidden objects - kill zombie - use your brain and you mind Escape this fear house and win the game!


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Weather Live Pro

Live background weather pro version: - No ads - Full features - 30 days money back guarantee What's the weather today, what's the weather tomorrow and weather for the week ? So simple answer for you by downloading our todays weather forecast app, the weather online app that provide realtime todays weather update & long range weather forecast in many days. Weather forecast live is super accurate forecast app, best of weather forecast apps with local weather, weather map and weather widgets on home screen. Whether forecast: Current weather forecast now, hourly forecast, today's forecast and daily forecast app in 7 days. Home screen widgets for android: The weather radar widget free and clock widget weather with beautiful style. Weather map: Local weather radar app free, radar scope: Rain/snow, temperature, pressure, windy, clouds, humidity, waves, wind map, hurricane … and storm radar, weather satellite. Weather forecast app gives local forecast & weather forecast world wide, the app provides the current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, sunrise and sunset times according to city time zone. Its so easy to receive the weather conditions in your current location. Very important fishing weather, storm warning, storm tracker for fishermen to know what is the weather & ocean conditions. Features now: - Current weather in hourly forecast. - Today's forecast & 7 day weather forecast, detail in hourly weather for next 7 days in weekly forecast. - Lot of weather station by the national weather service (nws) using our nws weather app official - The weather channel: temperature, wind, humidity, dew point, precipitation, visibility, pressure, water, sunrise sunset, storm, stormshield, hurricane, rain alert in one wetter app - Minutecast, hourly, daily prediction & long range weather forecast: we offer upto 7 days - 14 day weather forecast: today’s weather, tomorrow’s weather, … and weather now, hourly weather free in each hour. - Realtime update for live weather report - News weather today: get news weather daily at the morning, give weather watch quickly. - Animated weather conditions - see how the weather com alive! - Weather in my location & world weather report, like news weather UK, us weather, … - Weather for cities: London, toronro, nyc, chicago, sydney, new york, houston, boston, washington dc, seattle, ottawa, las vegas, orlando, dallas, denver, philadelphia, atlanta, san francisco, san diego, in los angeles, birmingham, in phoenix, nashville, nashville tn, in miami, san jose, in minneapolis, in new orleans, florida, liverpool weather, ... - Noaa weather app free: It’s noaa weather app official from windyty - 360 weather alerts: provide local weather alerts 3 times a day. - Storm warning & notification: Storm radar, storm tracker, tornado warning and rain alarm - Report: wind report, the weather news - Sunrise time, sunset time, water time - Ocean conditions forecast for fishing - Temperature free switching mode: Celsius and Fahrenheit - Wind speed and wind direction - Wind guru tool: wind forecast by wind speed meter, wind finder - Weather widget & multiple place on widgets - Transparent widget, widget with background & its very accuweather widget - Ongoing weather notification - Whether lock screen: temp, rain, clouds & clock widget weather - Track the whether in multiple locations - Default current location weather - Local radar: weather channel radar, radar weather map Features next: - Weather red alert, hurricane tracker & more weather warnings - Sunrise sunset time daily in weather next week. - Live weather radar thats auto-running - 10 day weather forecast & 14 day weather forecast Lets plan your weekend with sunday weather info now, plan your long business trip with up to 7 day weather forecast, all is fit your need of work and life. Any issue, send weather bug report to us, we will fix it asap.