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Battery Overlay Percent

* PLEASE DO NOT USE REVIEWS TO FEEDBACK! * feel free to contact me for reporting bugs and fixing problems. ...


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feel free to contact me for reporting bugs and fixing problems.

Battery Overlay Percent is the first truly customizable solution to keep your battery percentage showing without cluttering your notifications.

It'll show percentage over your battery icon or anywhere you want over your status bar.

Unlike other Battery Percent solutions this app is using overlay instead of Android's notification method. this makes nicer streamlined appearance most of the time while not wasting your notifications space.

Battery Overlay Percent is great solution for your Nexus Devices showing percentage in the most elegant way.

- Customizable size, positions and colors.
- Sound notification once charging/discharging! (optional)
- No ROOT required!
- Show percentage even on stock ROMs!
- Battery efficient (won't eat up your battery just to show you percentage...)
- Trying to use minimal permissions required.
- FREE and commercial free!
Still as many developers, If you find it valuable - there's a key for additional extra features.

- Custom Colors for different battery states.
- Custom Font Styles
- Custom Charging Blink Interval
- Custom Sounds for Charging Notifications
- Single Digit Numeric
- Overlay Rotation

Known issues:
- Bottom Tablet UI is unsupported!
(Nexus 7, Nexus 10 should be just fine!)
- Limited Samsung Device Support (DUE TO SAMSUNG'S FAULT!)
* Status bar changes alignment and cause overlay to look in wrong position.
* AccessibilityService makes TTS work. Disable any TTS as a workaround.
(Samsung is very aware of this bug posted by many developers).

- French, Joey Thibodeau.
- German, Paul Scholz.
- Portuguese, Renato Henrique Marçal de Oliveira.
- Polish, Michal Kucharskov.
- Russian, Pavel Yakovlev.
- Spanish, Juan Pablo González.
- Ukrainian, Dema Nik.

Want your language added? feel free to contact and help translating to your language!

Permissions explained:
- SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: to overlay the battery.
- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: option to run service after boot completion.
- BATTERY_STATS: to know percentage and power source.
- premium feature check.

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June 20, 2018

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