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Puck AI Personal Assistant Robot

Puck is a personal assistant robot. Install the app and it is listening, watching and learning from its enviro...


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Puck is a personal assistant robot. Install the app and it is listening, watching and learning from its environment through your mobile. Plug your phone into a PuckBot mobile base and it is able to move about independently and explore its environment too. it is listening to what you are speaking in the room all the time learning and can answer any questions you may have like complicated math "What is 5 to the power of 7?" or facts related to your topic. Its will open GPS maps for you if for example you ask "Where is Los Angeles?" or follow movement commands like "turn left". It will also explore its environment by moving the robotic PuckBot base such as "Scan the area". Puck can open relevant youtube videos and control your music. In short it is a prototype model learning to be the verbal assistant robots that Hollywood has promised us for decades.

But this is not just another boring chatbot. Its is not just listening and speaking but also watching its environment through the mobile camera on your phone. Go ahead and ask it "What can you see?" and the very latest in machine learning computer vision will describe objects around your room, including yourself. Puck can see, hear and move like no other assistant. Start apps, move around, ask the time, play music etc

Try these example voice commands
"Hello Puck"
"What can you see?"
"Create 3 minute timer"
"Play chill out music"
"Open skype"
"Move back, come forward, turn left"
"Move freely"
"Scan area"
"What is the square root of 16?"
"What is the length of a 747?"
"What is the population of Silicon Valley?"
"Are you my best friend?"
"Where is Los Angeles?"
"Clear screen"
"Be quiet"
"Create project"

This last create project command is very exciting and implements the augmented intelligence aspect of Puck. By creating a complex task such as "I want you to design and build me a rocket ship" Puck will create a long term project for you and try to work on it for you in the background as your personal project manager. Of course it will require real humans and specialists to get involved who Puck will reach out to relevant designers and engineers on freelance websites to get you quotes and project feedback and then manage it all for you. Eventually this project team hiring cost might be added into Puck itself but for now it is just learning and optimizing the process.

Best of all its entirely free, with no advertisements or login account required. As the worldwide Puck network grows with each install it only becomes smarter and more powerful, soaking up information from users and environments it interacts and moves around in all fed into a large central server.

Augmented intelligence... Puck has the added advantage of an existing human telepresence robotic network from the PuckBot userbase. Tricky philosophical questions can be networked between real human intelligence augmenting the machine learning algorithms.

We look forward to your install and help with developing Puck into the assistant robot we all want in the convenience of your own mobile.

* Please note the PuckBot mobile base is sold separately at the PuckBot website for $59. This Puck AI assistant app however can operate independently from the PuckBot base and does not require a login account. There is no sign ups, advertising or personal info required. Keep in mind this is a early stage prototype project and may give goofy results while its learning but over time these will improve.

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Feb. 7, 2023

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