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Planner & Journal: Date Notes

“Date Notes is the Best iPhone Planner App.” - Users Date Notes is a planing, scheduling, note-taking, and jo...

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Date Notes is the Best iPhone Planner App.” - Users

Date Notes is a planing, scheduling, note-taking, and journaling app.

Every date in the calendar has a place for your to type endless notes. Navigating to different dates is easy with arrows and the calendar.

Dates with dates are highlighted in the calendar so you can press them to see&edit them.

To visualize current date, tiny arrows will tell you where the current day&month are. For example, if the current month is June and you are in May page, there would be an arrow colored with today’s color right next to the NextMonthButton. There would be two arrows there if you are on April page.

You can search notes by note’s content. In searched result, the search term would be highlighted. Opening up any note from the searched result would have that search term highlighted in its content.

Immediately after you press the search bar, your notes are listed with past notes above, future notes below, and the today’s note in the center - the list gets scrolled to today’s date automatically. Seeing this sorted list is another way you can see your schedule with the bird’s view.

When you insert or delete a letter, your note is saved immediately to prevent any possible loss of your work. Data is saved securely only inside your device in a iOS system called Core Data.

Undo Redo Functionalities are supported.

In Settings, you can customize colors for various elements. You can also customize texts font and size. You can also set up a password&touchID so that only you can see your notes.

You can long press the month and day of the week label to show the current month and the today’s note respectively. (In month view, long pressing arrows would also lead you to the current month.)

To change passcode after creating one, long press the “Password On/Off” label.

I find just having plain text space to record things for each date much more useful than having to set up hourly appointments and setting reminders as in iCalendar App. I tried and have succeeded in making a perfect app for me to carry around with me everyday and schedule, take notes, and write journals.


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