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The Battery Saver,Use,Monitor and Battery Pwr app with more Data & Stats than basic Battery Info ! Maximize Ba...

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The Battery Saver,Use,Monitor and Battery Pwr app with more Data & Stats than basic Battery Info ! Maximize Battery Life for your iOS applications,Tips included! The only Battery Status you need! Battery Charge with Battery Magic Elite! Battery Power Optimized for iOS 7,8 and iPod, iPad, Phone 6 +

Precise Battery Power Accuracy 0.1% to 1.0% for max Battery Usage & Power monitoring
Maximize Battery Life and Increase Battery Usage...Everything is Here!
The inventor of Charge Complete - No one does it Better!
Awesome Large Battery Photo Themes! Build your own or use 100's of ours!
Our app that increases battery life using maintenance tips
recommended by Apple - - With more Battery Tips!

Battery Charge Dashboard◄
Open up Battery Magic Elite, plug-in your Charge cable and click on
your Charge icon, now witness a Dynamic World-Class Charging Dashboard
with Charging precision to 0.1%. No Battery App is as precise with
measurements from 0.1% to 1.0%. We give you the exact time it takes for each Charge then alert
you when the Charge is complete!

Battery Status Indicators◄
We monitor the status of your device for the conditions that consume your Battery,
from how much Talk Time you have to 3D Game Play, you will know the
precise time down to the last minute you have left to complete the
service you are using.

Full Cycle Charge◄
This program helps you maintain a Healthy Battery. We log each instance that you
perform a Full-Cycle Charge and let you know when the next Full-Cycle
Charge should occur. Just open Battery Magic Elite and plug-in your Charge cable. Thats all you
need to do, we will alert you with a pleasant alarm sound from your
iTunes Playlist when complete!

Build Your Own Battery Photo Themes◄
It is easy! Download any photo you want, family, friends, logos, loved
ones etc. and place them on the 'LARGEST' Battery Display in the App
store! Move the percentage anywhere on the photo with your finger! It
is awesome. You can create as many custom photos or use over 100 stock
photos we provide.

Battery Tips◄
We have MANY Battery Tips on how you can extend your Battery Life
to the Max, given to you in a wonderful slide presentation. This is
extremely important when you are traveling with no access to power.

Battery Maintenance and Health◄
This is also included in Battery Magic Elite, we tell you everything.

If you have questions, suggestions or need help with our app, please

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