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Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Fast Clean Phone

The App Does your Phone run out of Battery? Does your Device always die at crucial moments? Want to find...


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The App
Does your Phone run out of Battery?
Does your Device always die at crucial moments?
Want to find a Perfect Solution?

We’ve spent months finding a solution for you that's Strong enough to take care of all your Battery Needs & also, saves you Tons of Data!

WooHoo & finally, we have come up with this Amazing Multi-feature Tool Box with extensive Power Management & Battery Saver Tools in a simple interface – Phone & Battery Magix!

Use this Superb App to save $$$ on your Phone DATA & WiFi Costs without hampering your usage!

Tried the Existing Battery Toys?
They are Tiring & Frustrating!
Make you compromise on Battery!
Else, force you to use a Dumb Hardware Brick!
Force manual intervention to Switch On/Off

Turn Smart Phone to a featureless Calling Phone
Neither practical nor efficient!
Eventually you give up & remain Active
Kick the ordinary & try the Real Magic, NOW!

Unveil the Real Mean Machine - Formula 1 App
Frees up RAM & Lags
Delivers High Performance
One Box with all Optimizing Tools
Saves Max Battery & Boosts Speed

Battery Magic
Now juice your Phone's Battery to the Max
Equals a fully charged Spare Battery or more
Keeps your Apps, Sync & Data/WiFi Active
Active Email, FB, WhatsApp, Line, & WeChat updates

The Spa- Best Healer for your Battery
Your Assistant at Work
Everything is Automated
Does not break the Apps
● No Manual interference required
Truly Dependable
Does not hamper your usage
Some real action behind the scenes
Guaranteed & Compelling Results

Whats Special
Battery saving is actually delivered
Thoughtfully & Smartly crafted Modes
Auto Optimizes & Reloads the Modes
Analyzes & understands your usage Patterns

Easy to understand & use
Enough Candy to beat 5 Apps
Amazing Graphics & Animations
Covers Basic to Advanced Phone users

Intelligent Functional Modes

Smart Modes
Original Back to Original Phone Battery Mode
Schedule Save loads of Battery>Allows Data Syncing only at Set Time!
Extended Save extra loads of Battery>Sync Data only when on Screen ON
Supreme Save Max Battery>Sync gets ON, only for Selected Apps

Auto Modes
Boost Sync Data & Stay Connected with Minimum Battery Use!
Boost + – Crucial Battery Usage! Smart Data Sync based on Battery!

Other Smart Tool Box Features
Cache Cleaner Cleans your Phone's Cache & Deletes Junk!
History Cleaner One touch to Clear all History Logs!
Task Killer Kills all the background tasks!
System Info Detailed Hardware & Software Info

App Permissions Lists the permissions required by Third Party Apps
● Apps2SD – Just One Touch to move Apps to another drive
Batch Uninstaller Batch Uninstaller for multiple Apps
Health Alerts Alerts on Apps consuming High RAM, DATA, CPU, etc.

Added Features
One Touch Optimize Fixes Battery Issues with Just-One-Click!
Charge History Keep a Track of your Phone's Battery Drain!
Auto Configuration – Auto-sets the most suitable mode!
Personalization Handy access to Settings like Sound, Brightness, etc.
Battery Meter - Constantly displays Battery % in the status bar!
Torch - Most elegant & functional Torch ever, - Bright, Fast, Simple!

'Rooted Users', u guys are Geeks & demand extremes> Here's the special more powerful punch, you guys so much drool for! Download & Explore-

1. App Firewall
Identify Resource Hungry Apps!
● Enable/Disable/Restrict them from Auto Start!

2. Data Firewall
Effective Data Management for your Phone
Restrict Apps to Allow/Disallow Data!

In App
It is completely free to use, however some premium features(7 days trial) can be purchased for real money!

Support -

For any kind of confusion, simply write to us & we would happily resolve your issues in a quick friendly manner. Kindly do not leave us negative stars, we're here to help :)

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