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Battery Life - Battery Wear Level

Battery Life - Battery Wear Level Detector Do you ever wonder why your battery always running low? You ...


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Battery Life - Battery Wear Level Detector

Do you ever wonder why your battery always running low?
You just full charged your phone but its battery is drained too fast, and you dont know why?

Battery Life with unique technology will give you more information about your battery status.
Base on battery Wear Level, app will indicate your battery status with 6 level: Perfect, Good, Average, Bad, Very Bad & Almost Dead. You will know is your battery fine or not, or when to replace it.

Battery Life also provide many information about your device, many spec to help you understand your phone!

Battery Life Highlight Feature
- Battery Wear Level: detect battery wear level, tell you how much capacity was lost.
All you need is give Battery Life all need permission, app will collect data & give you result after few day or hours. For quick check, you can plugin charging cable then start testing in app.
- Battery runtimes: estimate remain time to use phone function (audio, video, call, 3g, 4g,...) with current battery level
- Device information: general infor & details about CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage usage,...
Phone Optimize: make your phone run faster with clean cache & boost ram features!

Battery Life is an useful app. We hope you will like it!

Please open app & give app all needed permission. For quick result, you can start testing in app. For best accurate result, please keep app on device, it will tracking when battery is charging or used by other app then give result when you open app next time.
App need time collect information to give you the best result of your battery life!

Note: Some devices not provide needed information to allow Battery Life working properly. Please understand that my dev team will update as soon as possible to make this app run on all phone. Please email us if app not work on your phone:

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