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Battery Life Boost For Android

Battery Life Boost for Android, saves and extends battery, releases memory, increases speed and space, optimiz...


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Battery Life Boost for Android, saves and extends battery, releases memory, increases speed and space, optimizes your Android and increases its battery life... All in one app!

Nowadays, battery technology isn’t advancing quickly enough to accompany developments in areas like higher-resolution displays. But, you don't realy need to worry about that anymore... We've developed Battery Life Booster for Android, the best Android battery saver!

With a very user-friendly interface, Battery Life Booster for Android carries out a diagnosis of your smartphone status.

In order to extend your battery life for long periods, it kills background tasks, adjusts screen brightness, cleans caches, cleans memory, turns off wifi, gps, bluetooth and data, automatically, when they're not being used.
Most of all, rather than just killing apps, it turns off power-greedy components when you're not using them.

Battery Life Booster for Android also tells you exactly how much battery power each app you have installed is using, apps that aren't running and system apps, with the option to close them directly with one single tap.

This battery saving tool, tells you how much battery power you have left after shutting down some features on your phone. You’ll not only be extending your handset’s life, but you will also be improving its overall performance.

Make it last, with one single tap!

Battery Life Booster for Android is a battery saver and battery extender tool.

One simple click and:
- Save you battery
- Power and extend you battery
- Optimize your Android device
- Monitor your battery
- Make your phone or tablet faster
- Increase efficiency of memory usage
- Release RAM memory
- Clear hidden row and caches
- Improve performance
- Adjust apps and settings

Featuring a multi-task killer, Battery Life Boost for Android will speed up your device and save battery.

With its battery extender, it will get rid of apps taking unneeded space and power in your device, with a power saving mode.

Download now this battery saver if you're looking for a battery booster!

Make your battery last as long as possible, with this free Android tool.

Battery Life Booster for Android... for sure, the best battery saver app, available on GooglePlay - Download it now!

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Sept. 14, 2018

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